WHAT is a Bellster and WHY is it important?

A Bellster is a creature with the ability to take free decisions who wishes to share with the scientific community the benefit of being one of the most complex systems on the universe to investigate whether the simplest states of existence, quantum particles, do also have the ability to take their own decisions.

A Bellster is important because if we want to prove that quantum particles are truly random and there is no hidden ruler telling them what to do, then we should design experiments as free as (arguably) possible of being connected to that supposed hidden ruler.

If thanks to the Bellsters, and all the scientific community working in Bell inequalities since 1964, we can trust that quantum particles are genuinely random, then we can build things that will outperform current technologies: 100% secure communications, quantum computers, and any technology based on genuine quantum effects… not to mention that we would be aware of living a scientific-philosophical revolution representing a radical paradigm shift!

Thanks to all of you!

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