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When travelling through glass optical fibers, photons move at about 2/3 of the speed that light travels in air.

Quantum optics and information laboratory GRIFFITH UNIVERSITY-BRISBANE

Within the blink of an eye, our setup can produce up to 5 million entangled photon pairs.

IQOQI Vienna Quantum Communication LabVIENA

It took over 40 years of experimental development to perform conclusive tests of Bell's inequality.

Experimental Quantum Physics LMU/MAX PLANCK-MUNICH

The diameter of the single photon superconduct nano wire detector is only tens of microns, which is much smaller than your hair diameter

Division of Quantum Physics and Quantum InformationUSTC-SHANGHAI

One of the practical applications of a Bell test is to guarantee the security of communications.

Optoelectronics Laboratory, Engineering Faculty, University of ConcepciónCEFOP-CONCEPCIÓN, U. SEVILLA, LINKÖPING U., SAPIENZA-ROMA

In the Quantum Information Lab in Rome, 10000 double pairs of entangled photons are generated every second.

Quantum Lab Sapienza Università di Roma, Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, Natal

During the three months we conducted our first Bell test in 2015 (not using human generated random numbers), one of our scientists got married. Talk about entanglement!

The Bell Test Machine Nist-Boulder

Thanks to all Bellsters for their contribution and their interest in our research! Our measurement will have to go on several more days, so we are quite excited about how it will evolve and what the results will be.

Experimental Quantum Physics LMU-Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics-Munich

We would like to thank all Bellsters for their random numbers! But still, quantum mechanics won the race!

IQOQI Vienna Quantum Communication LabViena

It was fantastic that we could receive random numbers from people all around the world! The Big Bell Test brought people together in one big worldwide project

Quantum optics and information laboratory GRIFFITH UNIVERSITY-BRISBANE

Thanks to all the Bellsters who provided the random numbers we needed to keep our experiments going!

Quantum Technology Lab EQUS-BRISBANE

The team at Buenos Aires; Laura, Nacho, Agus, Chris, Ari and Richi want to say THANK YOU BELLSTERS!!!

División Óptica Cuántica DEILAP (CITEDEF-CONICET)-Buenos Aires